Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Home Sweet Home

Moving house has been such a distraction from doing work. I have LOVED buying lots of lovely things to put in it with my boyfriend. Our love of restoring old furniture has meant that we have got some absolute bargains along the way, but they have been rather time consuming. Some are still not quite there yet, but I will post them up as soon as they are finished. I got trigger happy and took some snaps from around the house....

My Beautiful friends brought us the cutest house warming present, which is sat proudly in the kitchen- Thank-you Ladies!

Domestic Goddess
On sunday i baked my first ever steak and ale pie. Also the cake dome is never short of cake! feel like such a home-maker!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Inky wash florals...

Alongside Tigerprint, Oasis AND the fabrics produced for Premier Vision, I was getting on with my current project. I loved the inky wash colours combined with a more illustrative floral feel. I was conscious to keep a handmade look, even though i used a lot of CAD within my design work, i felt it still looked quirky and imperfect...in a good way! Here's my development stages with a few samples....


My Fabrics for Premier Vision came out quite nice; however it was a very traumatic week! Everyone was rushing trying to get finished which meant the print rooms were MANIC! Really happy with the results but they all came back unsold! Ah well..better luck next year!


I have recently taken part in live briefs for both Tiger print and Oasis. I particularly enjoyed the Tiger print brief and really got stuck in to the work. We were asked to produce a range of cards that would potentially be produced and sold in Marks and Spencer’s, I was up against some amazing work and the prospect of getting a placement with the company was in itself, very exciting. Despite not winning, it was such a great opportunity, I am really proud of the finished product and the company did acknowledge my effort which was lovely! Here’s what they looked like.....

Amazing Christian Lacroix Wallpaper

Saw this beautiful wallpaper today and just had to share it. WOW!