Wednesday, 10 March 2010


I recently visited a friend in London and managed to visit a few peachyy spots while i was there.I have always wanted to look around Liberty's so i jumped at the chance!


some gorgeous bespoke pieces caught my eye....prices were slightly owch though...

The Dam.

A recent trip to Amsterdam with my college was both educational and social.i visited a variation of small galleries and exhibitions and felt inspired by the general ambience of the city....

The Darling.

this particular shop was a personal favourite,it gave me many ideas to take home and use with in my own practice!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The perfect little package x

These tiny envelopes are handmade,i made the paper from recycled newspaper and used stitch for effect...attention to detail is key!


I love this image i found in Vogue magazine.really pretty and creative.

.Teacup on Thomas St.

I took a trip to Manchester to see some exhibitions for my current project and happend to stumble across this lovely little cafe...being a fan of Mr Scruff i felt very special drinking his own special brew...although i was not a fan of the peanut butter it has to be said!

today i made some really cute door hangers for my bedroom.its an on going project of mine at the minute-to make my room the girliest and lovliest room with gorgeous patterns everywhere and special keepsakes that will remind me of things that happen in my life.......

free as a bird.

Just a little snap of some of the work ive currently been doing at uni.I'm half way through a book binding project and have chosen a theme of birds, Mostly because i LOVE birds.i have a little yellow one in my kitchen which sings to me and i thought it would be an easy going, but substantial starting point.....tweet tweet x


Gisela Graham inspires not only my work but my personal practice.i love her shabby chic style, and its kind of nice to find someone else other than cath kidston, thats creating less comercialised and equally as gorgeous products!